General Publishing of Nigeria (GPN) Ltd.

is a Lagos based indigenous Publishing firm with a distribution network spanning the geo-political zones of the country.


With well over 30 years of unblemished service to the country, the company has Published several directories, handbooks, and other compilations in the health sector.

GPN is also involved in the publishing of various journals, books for science and medicine, corporate directories, community directories and other manuals.


GPN Publishing Nigeria Limited over the years have been involved in the production of the following publications and books. "The Nigeria's Health Care Facilities Corporate Profiles And Providers' Who's Who" Vol. 1- (the sole Directory that represents Nigeria, worldwide, in the health care industry) which has documented and kept track of health care facilities and providers licensed by the relevant council or authority to operate. Even quackery which is the biggest challenge facing the health sector has been addressed, because at a glance, anyone can confirm whether a particular practitioner or facility is operating legally or otherwise - which of course helps the client to make an informed decision on the facility or health care provider to deal with.


Other publications include:

'The Businesses In Lagos State';

'The Nigeria's Major Medical And Health Care Services Providers' - 2013/2014 Edition;

'The Nigeria's Major 10,000 Medical And Health Care Services Providers - 2010/2011 Edition;

'The Nigeria's Medical And Health Care Directory' - 2007/2008 Edition;

'Millennium Handbook on First Aid and Primary Health Care' - 2004 Edition;

'The Nigeria's Medical And Health Care Directory' - 2003/2004 Edition;

'Natural Family Planning And Disorders of the Reproductive/Genital System' - 1993, 1995, Editions;

'A Handbook on First And Primary Health Care' 1990, 2006, 2013/2014 Editions;

Natural Family Planning for Child Spacing,

Sex Selection And Disorders of the Reproductive/Genital System - Incorporating Menstrual Cycle Chart' - 2013, 2014;

'Menstrual Cycle Chart';  

'Guide to Occupational Health Practice in a Developing Economy';

'Owerri National Who's Who';

'Ngor/Okpala National Who's Who'; Etc.

So many and different titles of educational books. GPN periodically collaborates with reputable organizations for wider coverage, circulation and readership of her publications.

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